Transition Letter from Kortney Lull, Chairwoman, IGSHPA Board of Directors

A New Era for the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

Dear IGSHPA Members and Accredited/Certified Professionals,

Thank you for your past support of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. Your membership and involvement in IGSHPA have been central to the advancement of our industry. We are excited to update you on a new chapter in the evolution of the organization and the geothermal heat pump industry.

Following Oklahoma State University’s decision last year to dissolve IGSHPA’s Board of Directors, a process began to pursue a new home for IGSHPA. In June, the OSU Board of Regents voted to approve a transfer of IGSHPA, its intellectual property, and assets to the control of the Geothermal Exchange Organization. While GEO will exercise some limited oversight of governance and financial solvency, the new IGSHPA will be functionally and operationally independent.

Our inaugural Board of Directors represents a diverse array of backgrounds and skillsets. This diversity in roles and expertise is a foundational element that will drive and inform the IGSHPA mission going forward. Meet the new IGSHPA Board Members…

As Chairwoman, I am honored to serve with my fellow Board Members and help lead this association in a member-focused, consensus-based manner. One of the first tasks of the Board of Directors will be to establish various working committees. These committees will be tasked with updating training, developing standards, and engaging membership among many other objectives.

All IGSHPA members and IGSHPA-accredited professionals who were set to renew their memberships or accreditations in 2019 or 2020 will be granted a 90-day grace period from the date of this email to renew without interruption in their member services. Please contact Gail Ezepek at or 1-800-626-4747 to process your renewal.

I would like to thank the staff and leadership teams of GEO and OSU for the hard work they’ve undertaken to get us to this point. During the first months of this transition period, please direct any questions to Staff will be monitoring this account and will respond to your questions in a timely fashion.

I hope you’ll join us as we build upon the accomplishments of the past and set a new course for the continued growth and success of our industry.


Kortney Lull
Chairwoman, IGSHPA Board of Directors