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Building and Environmental Thermal Systems Research Group

The special interests of the group include building heat transfer, HVAC systems modeling, building energy simulation, hydronic heating systems, geothermal heat pump systems and ground loop heat exchanger technology.

National Certification Standard for the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

Worked on by Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, UT-Battelle, LLC dba Oak Ridge National Laboratory, OSU dba International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, Kelly Group LLC, Colorado Geo Energy & Heat Pump Association, National Ground Water Association, and Meline Engineering Corporation

OG&E Ground Source Heat Exchanger Study

A ground-source heat pump research project has been carried out at the Hope Crossing (Habitat for Humanity) site in Oklahoma City, OK. OG&E is coordinating the project and has gathered many collaborators to participate in the project. The following documents explain the background of the project and some preliminary results.

Research and Development Initiative Click here.
In-Situ Test Thermal Response Tests Interpretations Click here.
Archive Data from Hope Crossing Habitat for Humanity Project Click here - Click here for Geothermal Heat Pump Research Oklahoma website