It’s no secret that depending on fossil fuels is expensive and not doing the environment any favors. Working to reduce our dependency on these fuels is a great idea that works for our country’s budget as well as for our planet.

This is where the installation of geothermal heat pumps makes an incredible amount of sense. Using the resources we already have access to in the ground, at a price that does not fluctuate widely as fossil fuel prices do, is smart. These resources when tapped into can provide a far more stable source of energy, which is beneficial to everyone in our carbon-conscious world.

It is estimated by the EPA that geothermal heat pump systems conserve more than 31 million barrels of crude oil per year. The carbon reduction that the more than one million geothermal heat pumps are responsible for in this country is the equivalent of planting 748 million trees – no small amount! Reducing fossil fuel use at home and work is dramatically helping to reduce carbon output and makes sense no matter how you look at it. Wouldn’t you agree?