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NGWA (National Ground Water Association) broke ground on a geothermal retrofit at its headquarters on August 22, 2023, in Westerville, Ohio. Utilizing the geothermal tax credits available for nonprofit organizations that were signed into law in 2022, NGWA is replacing 9 furnaces, 9 air conditioners, and a mini split with 9 geothermal units. Ductwork and other modifications will be made to improve comfort and better utilize the building’s HVAC system. Many industry stakeholders came together for this renovation, including IGSHPA and NGWA members and suppliers of equipment, pipe, and other system components. An IGSHPA member engineering firm even provided discounted pricing for design of the system. This project is a great example of how retrofit applications can work well and be good business for well water and geothermal contractors, engineering firms, and building owners.

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