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As IGSHPA continues to grow and provide more benefits to members, we occasionally need to review our membership program to ensure that it is fair to all members, it is positioned to help the organization and the GSHP industry grow, and it is easy to understand.

We have spent the last two years discussing the current membership program with members and the IGSHPA board of directors. We are excited to present a new membership program, effective January 1, 2024, that will put IGSHPA on a new path for growth and provide members with many more choices to participate. It will also help correct some of the confusion with membership and certification, and provide discounts for members, as well as additional incentives. IGSHPA’s last membership cost increase was in 2016. This new program will have very little financial impact on members but will provide a much better program for IGSHPA and members long-term.

Below is a summary of changes for 2024. You can find all of the details in the new membership brochure or online at our membership page.

  • Individual IGSHPA membership has stayed the same as 2016 at $125 per year.
  • Certification renewal for members for AI (Accredited Installer), CGI (Certified Geothermal Inspector), and CRD (Certified Residential Designer) decreased from $100/year to $75/year. Overall cost for membership plus certification renewal increased by $50/year for members. For non-members, the overall cost for membership plus certification renewal increased by $100 per year. Note that CGD (Certified GeoExchange Designer) certification is administered by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) and therefore certification renewal and AEE membership has not changed.
  • HVAC, GHEX, and other contractor memberships increased by $30 per year.
  • A new directory only listing (no membership or voting) has been added for contractors, distributors, and MEP firms at $200 per year. This is a new level to encourage more industry participation and help customers find GSHP businesses in the online directory.
  • Utility memberships have been broken out separately (previously part of manufacturer memberships) as distribution co-operatives, municipal utilities, G & T co-operative utilities, Investor-owned utilities, and (Canadian) Crown corps.
  • Distributors and MEP firms memberships increased by $230 per year. This is part of our efforts for membership fairness, better leveling out the membership types.
  • A new student/retired individual membership has been added.
  • A new community organizations membership (trade schools, community colleges, university departments, government, and state provincial associations) has been added.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at , 1-800-626-4747, or 1-217-212-2112. Thank you for your support of IGSHPA!

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