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The Kirk T. Mescher Innovation Award recognizes professional engineers, designers or teaching faculty who have a passion to find new and creative ways to make projects as energy efficient but as simple as possible.

This award was established in 2015 after the tragic loss of one of the brightest and most innovative professional engineers, Kirk Mescher of CM Engineering. Kirk had the courage to implement his innovative ideas and was fearless in the pursuit of making his designs work better, simpler, and more efficiently. He was always pushing the envelope. His goal was to create elegant cost effective designs that satisfied owners and occupants.

Kirk was very active with ASHRAE, serving as a Director-at-Large on the ASHRAE Board of Directors just prior to his passing. It is for these reasons that the ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter gives an award of $3,000 in Kirk’s name each year–to recognize ‘like-minded’ engineers, designers, and teachers who share their passion for design projects that go beyond traditional and mediocre approaches.

This award is administered through the ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter with support of Mescher’s family and the ad hoc group of engineering friends known as GWA.

Applicants are required to have an idea or share projects in GSHP, HVAC, and/or energy-efficiency that exemplify Kirk’s ideals.

Applicants shall be:
• ASHRAE members
• Professional engineers, designers, or teaching faculty
• Involved in ASHRAE or other community activities

Deadline information and application forms are available for download from:


NOTE: The deadline has been extended to November 18, 2024.

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