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Ready for Public Review: The next edition of the ANSI/CSA/IGSHPA C448 Design and Installation and Standard for Ground Source Heat Pumps

Since 1994 the IGSHPA Standards committee has continued to update the design and installation standards to provide the GSHP industry with the best guidelines for successful installations. In 2019 The IGSHPA board of directors voted to sunset the 2017 IGSHPA Design and Installation Standards when the next edition of the ANSI/CSA/IGSHPA C448 Design and Installation Standard for Ground Source Heat Pumps was published. The 2016 edition of the ANSI/CSA/IGSHPA C448 standard was the first bi-national (Canada-U.S.) standard; this next edition includes many updates as well as recommendations for changes to the bi-national standard from the IGSHPA Standards committee. Following are some of the updates to the new C448 Standard:

  • New piping materials added;
  • New heat transfer solutions added;
  • New section: Planning, design, installation, and commissioning of district energy systems;
  • New section: Design and installation of ground source heat pump systems connected to energy foundations;
  • New annex: Wastewater energy transfer systems design and installation;
  • Major updates to the design and installation of groundwater heat pump systems;
  • Major updates to the installation of standing column well heat pump systems;
  • Consolidation of redundant clauses (i.e., clauses that appeared in more than one section were moved to the “General” section);
  • Updates to all sections with the latest technology and applications;
  • Updates to definitions and terminology for consistency.

Public Review will run through August 6, 2024.

To participate in public review, please go to the CSA Public Review System and follow the steps below. 

  1. Click on “Login”
  2. Click on “Register” to create an account.
  3. An e-mail will be sent with your password and a link to activate your account. Click on the link and log in.
  4. Type in “C448” in the search by keyword box and click on the magnifying glass.
  5. Select any one of the sections to review (click on the gold button — e.g., “CSA/IGSHPA C448.1 – Details”)
  6. Click on the “Read Draft” button.
  7. Click on “Comments” to make a comment about the title or clause, or click “Next” to go to the next clause.

Happy reviewing!

Exhibitor Space Now Available for 2025 Conference!

The exhibit hall is now open for reserving your space! Check out the exhibitor page for more details. IGSHPA has both exhibit hall booths, as well as outside space (includes table in exhibit hall lobby) for heavy equipment. We have the entire I-Hotel conference center reserved for the conference! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your products and services. IGSHPA members receive a discount on exhibit space.

IGSHPA Completes First Train-the-Trainer for New Course on Electric Co-op Engagement

IGSHPA conducted its first train-the-trainer course for a newly developed training module, Geo 101 for Electric Cooperatives, March 26 to 28, 2024. The new course was developed with the GeoExchange Organization to help increase awareness of the benefits of ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) to electric co-ops in the United States. As more electrification takes place in rural areas, GSHPs have the ability to significantly impact how cooperatives and G&Ts plan for peak demand periods due to the low demand yet high capacity of GSHPs even at the coldest or hottest times of the year.

There were 30 participants in this first train-the-trainer course, increasing GeoExchange’s and IGSHPA’s “reach” to the rural electric network. Boyd Lee, Vice President of Strategic Planning at CKEnergy and IGSHPA board member, provided attendees with insight into the challenges that rural electric co-ops face as the world moves towards electrification. CKEnergy Electric Cooperative serves members across 10 counties in Western Oklahoma. The utility offers a rebate program to offset the installation cost of the ground heat exchanger, which not only saves members a significant amount of cost for the installation of a GSHP system, it helps the utility better manage its peak demand requirements due to the nature of GSHP operation compared to other heating and cooling technologies, ultimately helping to maintain lower electric rates for its members.

Attendees for the first course included representatives from Bosch, Carrier, Climate Control Group, ClimateMaster, Enertech Global, and WaterFurnace, as well as two guests from Vermont Community Geothermal Alliance. Additional train-the-trainer courses will be offered to other IGSHPA members who would like to be involved in working with electric co-ops. After the train-the-trainer course, attendees will complete a trainer agreement and will schedule an audit of their first class to ensure that their delivery of the material is up to IGSHPA trainer standards.

Instructors for the train-the-trainer course in March were Greg Kurtz, IGSHPA Technical Director, and Jeremiah Strode, Director of Cooperative Engagement at GeoExchange Organization. For more information about the course or IGSHPA training, contact IGSHPA.

Breaking New Ground! IGSHPA Annual Conference Details Now Available.

IGSHPA is excited to announce the 2025 Annual Conference in partnership with GAOI (Geothermal Alliance of Illinois). Over the past three years, IGSHPA has partnered with NGWA (National Ground Water Association) with great success. Starting in 2025, IGSHPA will be moving from a December to a March annual conference. So, the next conference is just slightly more than a year from the last conference, but it will be worth the wait! For more details, check out the conference page. We hope to see you in Champaign, Illinois in 2025!

2024 Kirk T. Mescher Innovation Award

The Kirk T. Mescher Innovation Award recognizes professional engineers, designers or teaching faculty who have a passion to find new and creative ways to make projects as energy efficient but as simple as possible.

This award was established in 2015 after the tragic loss of one of the brightest and most innovative professional engineers, Kirk Mescher of CM Engineering. Kirk had the courage to implement his innovative ideas and was fearless in the pursuit of making his designs work better, simpler, and more efficiently. He was always pushing the envelope. His goal was to create elegant cost effective designs that satisfied owners and occupants.

Kirk was very active with ASHRAE, serving as a Director-at-Large on the ASHRAE Board of Directors just prior to his passing. It is for these reasons that the ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter gives an award of $3,000 in Kirk’s name each year–to recognize ‘like-minded’ engineers, designers, and teachers who share their passion for design projects that go beyond traditional and mediocre approaches.

This award is administered through the ASHRAE St. Louis Chapter with support of Mescher’s family and the ad hoc group of engineering friends known as GWA.

Applicants are required to have an idea or share projects in GSHP, HVAC, and/or energy-efficiency that exemplify Kirk’s ideals.

Applicants shall be:
• ASHRAE members
• Professional engineers, designers, or teaching faculty
• Involved in ASHRAE or other community activities

Deadline information and application forms are available for download from:

NOTE: The deadline has been extended to November 18, 2024.

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Breaking News! — DOE Report on GSHPs

Ground Source Heat Pump Mass Deployment reduces grid requirements by 33%!

U.S. Department of Energy’s latest report on the grid impact of ground source (geothermal) heat pumps provides a path to electrification without “breaking” the grid. Below are quotes from the report and a link for download.

• Even though building heating is electrified with GHP deployment—increasing winter electricity use for homes and businesses that otherwise are heated with fossil fuels—the increase is more than offset by the electricity savings from the high-efficiency performance of GHPs for summer cooling and reduced thermal loads owing to weatherization in single-family homes, resulting in substantial net reductions in grid generation, capacity, and transmission.

• The mass GHP deployment reduces transmission expansion requirements by 33% under the Grid Decarbonization scenario and by 38% under the EFS scenario. This amount equates to roughly 24,500 mi of transmission that can be avoided under the Grid Decarbonization scenario and nearly twice as much (43,500 mi) under the EFS scenario, which is enough to cross the average contiguous US coast-to-coast distance 9 and 16 times, respectively.

To learn more about the report, click here.

NOTES: “GHP” is “Geothermal Heat Pump”, one of the terms used for Ground Source Heat Pump or Geothermal Heat Pump technology. “EFS” is “Electrification Futures Study”.

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IGSHPA Announces 2024 Membership Program!

As IGSHPA continues to grow and provide more benefits to members, we occasionally need to review our membership program to ensure that it is fair to all members, it is positioned to help the organization and the GSHP industry grow, and it is easy to understand.

We have spent the last two years discussing the current membership program with members and the IGSHPA board of directors. We are excited to present a new membership program, effective January 1, 2024, that will put IGSHPA on a new path for growth and provide members with many more choices to participate. It will also help correct some of the confusion with membership and certification, and provide discounts for members, as well as additional incentives. IGSHPA’s last membership cost increase was in 2016. This new program will have very little financial impact on members but will provide a much better program for IGSHPA and members long-term.

Below is a summary of changes for 2024. You can find all of the details in the new membership brochure or online at our membership page.

  • Individual IGSHPA membership has stayed the same as 2016 at $125 per year.
  • Certification renewal for members for AI (Accredited Installer), CGI (Certified Geothermal Inspector), and CRD (Certified Residential Designer) decreased from $100/year to $75/year. Overall cost for membership plus certification renewal increased by $50/year for members. For non-members, the overall cost for membership plus certification renewal increased by $100 per year. Note that CGD (Certified GeoExchange Designer) certification is administered by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) and therefore certification renewal and AEE membership has not changed.
  • HVAC, GHEX, and other contractor memberships increased by $30 per year.
  • A new directory only listing (no membership or voting) has been added for contractors, distributors, and MEP firms at $200 per year. This is a new level to encourage more industry participation and help customers find GSHP businesses in the online directory.
  • Utility memberships have been broken out separately (previously part of manufacturer memberships) as distribution co-operatives, municipal utilities, G & T co-operative utilities, Investor-owned utilities, and (Canadian) Crown corps.
  • Distributors and MEP firms memberships increased by $230 per year. This is part of our efforts for membership fairness, better leveling out the membership types.
  • A new student/retired individual membership has been added.
  • A new community organizations membership (trade schools, community colleges, university departments, government, and state provincial associations) has been added.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at , 1-800-626-4747, or 1-217-212-2112. Thank you for your support of IGSHPA!

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