IGSHPA Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors represents a diverse array of backgrounds and skillsets.

This diversity in roles and expertise is a foundational element that will drive and inform the IGSHPA mission going forward.

IGSHPA Board Members:

Kortney Lull,

Kortney Lull

Mrs. Lull is the Vice President for Midwest Geothermal, a closed loop geothermal installation contractor, that serves clients across the country with their ground loop installation needs. She has been with Midwest Geothermal from the beginning, has been integrally involved with their continued growth, and looks forward to continuing to support the geothermal industry across the country. She assists their customers and clients not only with the installation of the exterior ground loop, but acts as a steward for the industry, offering learning opportunities for architects, engineers, construction managers and homeowners.

Mrs. Lull has been a member of IGSHPA for nine years and is passionate about ensuring that IGSHPA is an association dedicated to its members and the market while ensuring that the organization offers the support the industry needs. She is currently a member of IGSHPA, CaliforniaGEO, and a board member of the Michigan Geothermal Energy Association.

Brian Urlaub,

Brian Urlaub

Mr. Urlaub is the Director of Geothermal Operations for MEP Associates where he oversees all geothermal projects. He is involved with all aspects of the projects from procurement, to design, project management, and commissioning. He graduated in 1993 with an associate degree in HVAC Technology and Design from Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, WI.

Mr. Urlaub started out his career in the field, installing and servicing all different types of HVAC systems. In 1996 he moved to inside sales and design, and was introduced to his first IGSHPA geothermal course. He has been dedicated solely to the geothermal industry since 1999.

Tyler Harbeck,

Tyler Harbeck

Mr. Harbeck is the Lead Product Engineer for Geo Pro, Inc. He has been responsible for GeoPro’s product quality and development since 2009. His main focus has been geothermal grout research and technical support for GeoPro. Mr. Harbeck also has extensive experience with GSHP system design and has consulted on over 350 residential and commercial systems during his time in the industry.

John (Jack) DiEnna,

John (Jack) DiEnna

Mr. DiEnna, the Executive Director & Founder of the Geothermal National & International Initiative (GEO-NII) is a business development and marketing professional with over forty years combined experience in the electric utility industry and the renewable energy industry.

He is a nationally recognized authority on all aspects of renewable technology and specifically geothermal heat pumps (GHP), including marketing, creative financing, and the resulting positive economic and environmental impact that can be derived from the use of geothermal heat pump systems and other renewable technologies. His expertise is internationally acknowledged as a valued resource by not only the renewable & geothermal heat pump industry but also by government officials, both national and international, trade allies, and al major market segment associations in the promotion of geothermal heat pump technology.

Ryan Carda,
Board Member

Ryan Carda

As Principal Engineer at Dandelion Energy, Mr. Carda is primarily responsible for design and engineering standardization, with a focus on co-optimizing for performance and cost. He has been involved in the geothermal heat pump industry since 2004. Prior to joining Dandelion, he worked as Lead Engineer at GeoPro and co-founder and President of Geo-Connections. As Lead Engineer at GeoPro, Ryan provided loopfield design assistance to PE’s across the country on commercial projects exceeding 10,000-tons worth of installed closed-loop GSHP system capacity.

Mr. Carda has made many contributions to IGSHPA over the years. He co-authored “Design and Installation of Residential and Light Commercial GSHP Systems” [https://igshpa.org/manuals#residential-and-light-commercial-design-and-installation-manual-21025], helped with the development of the Accredited Installer and Certified Designer courses, and has been the Chair of the Standards Committee [https://igshpa.org/standards] since 2017. He graduated with his Master of Science degree in Engineering from South Dakota State University in 2006.