GeoOutlook Industry Magazine

GeoOutlook is a geothermal industry publication started in 2003 for IGSHPA members to stay up to date on the latest technology, research, and industry news. In 2019, it was decided by Oklahoma State University to find a new home for the association. After looking at opportunities across the country, the best approach was to allow IGSHPA to become an independent non-profit organization with the help of GeoExchange. The final documents were approved in September 2020. During the transition, the publication was put on hold. However, we’re excited to announce that GeoOutlook was restarted with the September 2023 issue! Look for two issues per year for now, eventually moving back to a quarterly magazine.

We are collecting articles for new publications. If you already have an article that you have written, please use the GeoOutlook form submission button below to upload your article or to submit an abstract for an article that you will be writing. IGSHPA will review all submissions and look at available topics. You will be contacted if your article is selected.

Don’t miss an opportunity to advertise in GeoOutlook. As a digital publication, your marketing dollars will go far. Plus, we are partnering with BNP Media, which means that the magazine will go to IGSHPA’s 6,000 plus audience and tens of thousands of subscribers to The HVACR News and Engineered Systems. Contact us at for pricing and availability. Thank you for your interest in IGSHPA!

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