Conference Floorplan

2018 IGSHPA FloorPlan – Orlando, Fl

Exhibitor List

Below is our 2018 IGSHPA Conference Exhibitor list


Island A. WaterFurnace International

The WaterFurnace name has been synonymous with geothermal since founded in 1983. Over the years we’ve worked to innovate new technologies, integrate key trends and grow our core business to represent clean and sustainable solutions. Our units combine sound engineering with the highest levels of quality control to provide some of the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the planet.


Island B.


100. Multistack

Multistack manufactures water and air-cooled modular chiller systems. Advantages: small footprint, redundancy, future expandability, ASHRAE-15 compliance, low maintenance, and extreme quietness. Multistack is the first carbon neutral manufacturer in the industry, is the leader in dedicated heat recovery chillers, and offers environmentally friendly solutions. Originators. Innovators. Never the Imitators. www.multistack.com


101. Sika USA

Flow meters and flow switches for low-flow in tankless water heaters, boilers, any other HVAC or potable water applications. Glass fiber reinforced plastic and Ecobrass tees ensure low lead & rugged durability. Use of magnetic force, jewel bearings and reduction of moving parts preserve component performance for years to come.



102. Uponor Infra Ltd

Uponor Infra Ltd is the manufacturer of Geothermal Vaults, Fabricated Headers and HDPE Pipe. Our products are custom manufactured toward your project’s design requirements. For more information on our products contact us at 1-866-594-7473 or via email at geothermal@kwhpipe.ca



103. GreyEdge Group

The GreyEdge Group LLC includes eleven top individuals and firms in the Ground Source Industry from the US, Canada, and UK. Consisting of PEs, hydro-geologists, drilling & system mechanical contractors, commissioning/verification specialists, project managers, modeling professionals, and financial experts. Our members have a combined total of over 200 years of experience increasing building performance. They excel at developing and finding better ways to predict energy transfer through ground heat exchangers, creating more cost-effective installation methods, and more efficient ways to distribute heating and cooling through the building.
Our members have helped develop many of the industry “best practices” and been instrumental in developing the ANSI/CSA 448 Standard, contributing to ASHRAE Applications Handbook Geothermal Chapter, IGSHPA Standards, NGWA Guidelines, IAPMO USEHC Code, and other documents and publications that have become the heart of the body of knowledge for the Ground Source Industry. With extensive experience in virtually all facets of the ground source industry, the GreyEdge Group can offer assistance with your designs, training for your personnel, or complete design, implementation and monitoring services.



104. National DRILLER

National DRILLER is a global trade magazine/website serving the construction drilling industry for almost 30 years. Its mission is to provide superior information to drilling contractors that helps them in their work and profession.


105. AWEB Supply Co., Inc.

AWEB Supply, Inc. is responsible for the manufacture and distributing of the Slim Jim® Geo Lake Plate® heat exchangers – “The Pond Loop in a Package” – making pond loops “as simple as it gets”.



106. B.J. Terroni Company

B.J. Terroni is a Manufacturer’s Rep in the Mid Atlantic Region. B.J. Terroni represents 18 manufacturers’ with both commercial and residential product lines. We cater to Engineers Wholesalers and Distributors of Heating and Air Conditioning Products. We offer The Highest Quality Products along with training and education at our own facility and at the distributor. Geo-Flo and Modine Manufacturing, two of the manufacturers B.J. Terroni represents will be present in the booth.


107. Colmac WaterHeat

Manufacturers of commercial air and water source heat pump water heaters; providing energy efficient domestic hot water in large scale residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

800-926-5622 | (509) 684-4505



108. Centennial Plastics

At Centennial Plastics, geothermal pipe is a major product category and we are dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure total customer satisfaction.
Through understanding, knowledge and commitment, Centennial Plastics has become a leading supplier to the Geothermal Exchange industry.




110. Rhomar Water

Rhomar Water provides advanced hydronic treatment technologies and high-quality heat transfer fluids. We take pride in our flexibility to provide our customers with customized products that meet and exceed their technical specifications. We offer high quality inhibited glycols, cleaners, and corrosion inhibitors. Our incidental food contact safe EnviroGard™ (NSF registered, HT1) inhibited glycol is approved for use in geothermal systems.
Our other products find use in breweries, ice rinks, radiant floor heating, snow melting, recreational vehicles, solar, cooling and heating systems. These products include RhoGard™, BoilerGard™, Pro-Tek®, Hydro-Solv™, and Skale-X™. Call or email us if you have questions on our geothermal systems inhibited glycol, or any of our other products and services.
Our Website: http://www.RhomarWater.com; Phone: 1-800-543-5975; Email: TalkToUS@RhomarWater.com


201. Worldwide Drilling Resource®

WorldWide Drilling Resource® IN PRINT – ONLINE – your choice! Easy-to-read top quality editorial. Classified Section included. The ONLY drilling magazine which focuses on ALL aspects of the drilling industry; construction-geotechnical, directional, environmental, exploration-blasthole, shallow gas & oil, geothermal, mining, water well. Sign up, advertise, www.worldwidedrillingresource.com


202. Melink Corporation

Melink Geo is a national developer of geothermal HVAC systems that provides an array of standalone offerings aimed at breaking down barriers and mainstreaming geothermal. For example, Melink offers a variety of financing options to cover the high installation cost of geothermal. Melink Geo is also an equipment supplier, with its flagship offering being its patented, pre-engineered geothermal pump station: Manifest. Manifest was designed to make geothermal easy to specify and quick to install, and features a patented bypass system that maximizes energy savings. Melink also offer a comprehensive, independent ground loop commissioning service for architects, engineering firms, and buildings owners across the nation.









212. Geothermal Supply Company

Geothermal Supply Company offers a wide variety of geothermal products. We supply a wide range of products including polyethylene pipe, prefabricated vaults and pump stations. We design and manufacture many of our products ourselves to ensure the highest of quality and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the geothermal industry with quality components necessary for proper geothermal installation and operation.



300. Wyo-Ben, Inc

Wyo-Ben, Inc. is a privately held, family-owned business. We have been in business since 1951, and are leading producers of Wyoming Bentonite Clay based products. Our materials are used globally in applications such as oil, gas, and water well drilling, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products. Wyo-Ben, Inc. can be reached at (406) 652-6351 or www.wyoben.com






303. Flow Center Products, Inc.

Flow Center Products manufacturers Geothermal Loop Pump Modules. We offer the widest variety of loop pump modules to fit your particular need, including our top selling variable speed, ECM WILO pumps. Our systems are designed for a pressurized loop to give you the most efficiency from your geothermal installation. Contact us for more information. www.flowcenterproducts.com.


304-305. Enertech Global, LLC

Enertech Global is a leading manufacturer and visionary in the geothermal heating and cooling industry. With corporate headquarters in Greenville, IL, and production facilities in Mitchell, SD, Enertech Global’s award winning products are proudly made in the heart of America and are distributed throughout the United States and Canada. The company’s product lines consist of GeoComfort®, Hydron Module®, and TETCO® brands. For more information, visit online at http://www.enertechgeo.com.


307. Geothermal Drilling Solutions

We are expanding the Geothermal HVAC market into populated urban areas for both residential/commercial buildings – lot space NO LONGER an issue. We have developed a portable, powerful, patented understructure drill rig – RIG IN A BOX – revolutionizing the ability for vertical loop installation (inside or out) at significantly reduced costs.






310-311. Bosch Thermotechnology

Bosch specializes in efficient sustainable heating and cooling applications for Bosch residential and FHP commercial water source and geothermal heat pumps. Bosch offers a complete suite of products for HVAC professionals including condensing tankless water heaters, oil-and-gas-fired boilers and gas-fired condensing boilers. Professionals please visit: BoschProHVAC.com. To learn more about Bosch/FHP products please visit boschheatingandcooling.com.






314. Versaprofiles

Versaprofiles Inc. (formerly IPL Extrusion) is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality and innovative piping systems for geothermal applications.  Our team is dedicated to finding solutions that will increase the energy efficiency of ground coupled heat pump systems, thus reducing their cost of installation and operation.  We are the inventors and sole manufacturers of the Geoperformx pipe, the first HDPE pipe with increased thermal conductivity; a product that is unique in the world.  This product will help the heat pump to gain at least 20% in efficiency.  We also offer PE3608 and PE47100 HDPE loops and pipe, from 3/4″ to 8 inch, with GEO printline, and third party certified to meet all IGHSPA and NSF 14/61 piping specifications.



400. Bard Manufacturing Company

Bard Manufacturing Company is a 4th generation family owned business founded in 1914 in Bryan, Ohio with additional manufacturing facilities located in Madison, Georgia and Saltillo, Mexico. Bard Manufacturing Company produces heating and cooling products for the telecommunications, modular, school, light commercial, and residential markets. The Bard GeoTec Geothermal Heat Pump is ideal for residential and light commercial applications. Suitable for open or closed loop applications, the GeoTec is available in 2 – 6 ton capacities.



401. GI Energy

GI Energy develops sustainable energy infrastructure. Our full-service offering includes analytics, design, construction and financing.

GIE is technology agnostic. We specialize in integrated solutions, with an emphasis on Geothermal (GSHP) Energy Foundations, CHP and Energy Storage. Clients include Real Estate Developers, Educational and Commercial Campus owners and medical facilities.





403. Carrier Corporation

Founded by the inventor of modern air conditioning, Carrier is the world’s leader in high-technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions. Carrier is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.. For more information, visit www.carrier.com or follow @CarrierGreen on Twitter.






406. Climate Master

ClimateMaster® is a leading provider of geothermal and water-source heat pump HVAC systems. We manufacture products for residential and commercial applications. ClimateMaster supports a national network of independent geothermal heating and air conditioning dealers and installers who sell and support our high efficiency EnergyStar® units and parts. ClimateMaster GeoElite® Dealers are independent dealers who have experience installing ClimateMaster units and are trained, certified and selected by independent distributors of ClimateMaster products.


407. DrillMax, Inc.

DRILLMAX® manufactures drilling equipment for the geothermal and water well industries. The product line has 6 models ranging in size from small rigs that are maneuverable and make getting in and out of tight residential work spaces easier to the larger rigs that have capabilities of drilling bigger diameter and deeper holes.






409. ICP

Millions of residential and commercial property owners across North America and around the globe, rely on heating and cooling systems from International Comfort Products, LLC. ICP has been designing, manufacturing and marketing these quality systems under several brand names for more than 50 years. Today, ICP is part of Carrier Corporation, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), which provides products and services to the aerospace and building industries. For more information, visit www.icpusa.com .


410. AquaCal

Swimming Pools present challenging conditions on the load side of geothermal heat pumps.  Pool waters present major swings in PH and chlorine levels especially during chlorine shock at the beginning of a swim season.  Also are the salt water pools that add another corrosive environment for customary cupro-nickel heat exchangers.  The use of a swimming pool geothermal heat pump with a titanium tube- in-shell heat exchanger designed for these conditions on the load side can eliminate the need for a costly titanium external heat exchanger.