Water Energy Distributors, Inc.

Location: Hampstead, NH, United States of America

Website: https://northeastgeo.com/

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 603-329-8122

Company Description: Water Energy Distributors Inc. is a Distributor and Designer of Geothermal projects throughout the Northeast . In the Geothermal business exclusively since 1978

Industry Sector: Product Distributor

Services Offered: Thermal Conductivity Testing / Commercial Design / Residential Design / Commissioning / Startup Services / Inspections

Product Offered: Controls|Ground Source Heat Pumps|Pumps / Flow Centers|Piping / Plumbing / Fittings

Verified Check: Certified employees: (2) Accredited Installer; (2) Certified GeoExchange Designer

Geographical Areas Serviced: Connecticut / Maine / Massachusetts / Vermont / New Hampshire

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