Stephens Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Location: Corvallis, OR, United States of America

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Contact Phone: 541-754-1681

Company Description: Stephens Heating has been family-owned and operated, serving the Mid-Willamette Valley for over 44 years! We pride ourselves on our old-fashioned business ethic; listening to each customer's unique situation and needs before selling the latest and greatest of everything. We have been installing geothermal heat pumps since the 1980s and are still going strong.

Industry Sector: Dealer/Contractor

Services Offered: Residential Design / Horizontal / Pond / Other Ground Loop Installer / Residential HVAC Installer / Service Contractor / Commercial HVAC Installer / Service Contractor

Product Offered: Controls|Piping / Plumbing / Fittings|Pumps / Flow Centers|Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Geographical Areas Serviced: Oregon

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