Macri Associates, Inc.

Location: Avon, CT, United States of America


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Contact Phone: 860-690-9060

Company Description: Designers and installers of commercial geothermal systems and water source heat pump systems. Specializing in cost effective hybrid geothermal design and installations. We offer the most innovative designs for all types of building applications. We can provide complimentary campus evaluations and are ready to explore geothermal options with you and your clients.

Industry Sector: Dealer/Contractor

Services Offered: Commercial HVAC Installer / Service Contractor, Commercial Design, MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Design, Commissioning / Startup Services, Financing

Product Offered: Piping / Plumbing / Fittings, Pumps / Flow Centers, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Heat Transfer Fluid / Antifreeze, Controls

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Geographical Areas Serviced: Connecticut

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