Indiana Geothermal

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States of America


Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 317-829-1490

Company Description: Indiana Geothermal provides geothermal products, custom system designs and hundreds of earth loop installations each year. We work with contractors for product supply, system design, loop contracting and with homeowners to connect them with the best in the industry. With years of experiencing geothermal installations, we provide a resource for answers to your questions about geothermal systems. Indiana Geothermal also provides training seminars to help you sell and/or learn about the benefits of geothermal. Indiana Geothermal is an exclusive ClimateMaster distributor. We’ve got everything you need- when you need it. From plans to pumps to pipe to practically everything in-between.

Industry Sector: Ground Loop Installer

Services Offered: Inspections / Vertical Ground Loop Installer / Horizontal / Pond / Other Ground Loop Installer / Commercial Design / Residential Design

Product Offered: Piping / Plumbing / Fittings|Pumps / Flow Centers|Ground Source Heat Pumps|Controls

Verified Check: Certified employees: (3) Accredited Installer; (1) Certified Geothermal Inspector

Geographical Areas Serviced: Ohio / Michigan / Kentucky / Indiana / Illinois

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