Groundheat Solar Wind Corp.

Location: Vaughan, ON, Canada


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Contact Phone: 416-230-4949

Company Description: Groundheat is a pioneer in the geothermal energy industry. In 1985, the company started off servicing small homes, and quickly expanded to mansions of up to 62,000 square feet. Now, they take on large projects including district energy across North America, Europe and Asia. Groundheat has been a leader in renewable systems innovation, completing hundreds of small and large scale projects, developing superior proprietary technologies and methodologies, and providing unparalleled expertise to its strategic partners and clients internationally.

Industry Sector: Dealer/Contractor, General, Utility

Services Offered: Commercial Design, Residential Design, Residential HVAC Installer / Service Contractor, Commercial HVAC Installer / Service Contractor

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Geographical Areas Serviced: Other areas in North America

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