Connor Co.

Location: Springfield, IL, United States of America


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Contact Phone: 217-621-3270

Company Description: Connor Co Wholesale Distribution for over 75 years. Connor Co is a Geothermal Distributor with over 60 years of experience, 2- CGD on Staff. We offer Geothermal Installation and Service Class, Geothermal Troubleshooting Classes. Connor Co believes when it comes to geothermal installations, "Training is more important than Marketing"

Industry Sector: Product Distributor

Services Offered: Residential Design, Commercial Design, Commissioning / Startup Services, Inspections

Product Offered: Ground Source Heat Pumps, Pumps / Flow Centers, Piping / Plumbing / Fittings, Heat Transfer Fluid / Antifreeze, Controls

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Geographical Areas Serviced: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

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