CALEMA, LLC dba: K&M Schillingford & Environmental Loop Service

Location: Tulsa, OK, United States of America


Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 918-838-7288

Company Description: HVAC commercial & residential contractor who specialize in conventional HVAC as well as geothermal heat exchange systems. We have over 40 years experience in both applications. Licensed in PPR and all other process piping specialties.

Industry Sector: Dealer/Contractor

Services Offered: Vertical Ground Loop Installer / Horizontal / Pond / Other Ground Loop Installer / Thermal Conductivity Testing / Residential HVAC Installer / Service Contractor / Commercial HVAC Installer / Service Contractor / Commercial Design / Residential Design

Product Offered: Ground Source Heat Pumps|Heat Transfer Fluid / Antifreeze|Grout / Drilling Supplies|Controls|Piping / Plumbing / Fittings|Pumps / Flow Centers

Verified Check: Certified employees: (15) Accredited Installer; (1) Certified Geothermal Inspector

Geographical Areas Serviced: Oklahoma / Texas / Arkansas / Kansas / Missouri

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