When it comes to the health of the environment, the conservation of things like crude oil can make a huge difference. When there are systems that help to reduce the consumption of this kind of fuel, why wouldn’t everyone be on board?

Geothermal heat pump systems are just such things. Since the combustion process is removed from the heating element, it works to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil and eliminates the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. The installed capacity of geothermal heating and cooling systems nationwide conserves over 31 million barrels of crude oil annually. This is an incredible number. It is one that should be a driving force in the promotion of geothermal use over conventional heating and cooling equipment. Our independence of crude oil works for the economy as well as the environment.  This helps move us closer to becoming a sustainable country. Doesn’t it make sense to promote the use of equipment and methods of operation that work to move us closer to a greater goal?

Understanding the many benefits of geothermal systems allows us to better educate potential buyers to the advantages these systems can offer them. When stacked against the minuscule benefits of installing a conventional system, it only makes sense to go with the one that delivers more in the long run. Are you on board with the advantages of reduced crude oil consumption by endorsing the use of geothermal technology?