IGSHPA has international chapters established in Australia, Canada, China, India, Korea, and Sweden. For information on how to become involved in your local chapter, contact the chapter directly with the information below.

In addition to being an IGSHPA member, you may wish to join a chapter in your area. Activities and local chapter events can be a benefit to you professionally and help you stay informed and involved in the GSHP industry.

If no chapters exist in your location, you may be able to organize an IGSHPA Chapter. Chapters are growing both in the U.S. and in a number of international locations.

To find out where chapters are established or how to organize a chapter in your area contact Roshan Revankar at 1-800-626-4747 or by email at To download chapter application click here and bylaws click here

IGSHPA Australia Logo
Chapter President: Yale Carden
Chapter Secretary: Professor Ian Johnston
Chapter Academic Advisor: Professor Ian Johnston
Chapter Ambassador: Dr Mirek Piechowski

Chapter Website: TBA
Mailing Address: TBA
Phone: 61 2 8404 4193

IGSHPA Canada Logo
Chapter President: Mark Metzner
Chapter Secretary: Brian Beatty
Chapter Ambassador: Ed Lohrenz

Chapter Website:
Mailing Address: TBA
Phone: (604) - 866-3595

IGSHPA Chinese Logo
Chapter President:Dr. Zhaohong Fang
Chapter Vice President:Weidong Kong
Chapter Secretary: Ke Zhu
Chapter Treasurer: Ping Cui
Chapter Ambassador: Xiaobing Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Chapter Academic Advisor: Nairen Diao
Chapter Website:
Mailing Address: Tianluo Road 88-A-101-2
Phone: +86 13606408831

IGSHPA India Logo
Chapter President: Dr. Prem C. Jain
Chapter Secretary: Richie Mittal
Chapter Ambassador: TBA

Chapter Website: TBA
Mailing Address: TBA
Phone: TBA

IGSHPA Korea Logo
Chapter President: Young IL Kim
Chapter Secretary: Euy Joon Lee
Chapter Treasurer: Chan Woo Jung
Chapter Academic Advisor: Young IL Kim
Chapter Ambassador: Euy Joon Lee

Chapter Website: TBA
Mailing Address: 152, Gajeong ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejon [305-343]
Phone: +82-10-6752-1212

IGSHPA Swedena Logo
Chapter President: Dominika Rydel, AVANTI
Chapter Secretary: Monika Ignatowicz, KTH
Chapter Treasurer: Jonas Jansson, AVANTI & Stures Brunnsborrningar AB
Chapter Academic Advisor: José Acuna, KTH & Bengt Dahlgren AB
Chapter Ambassador:Tony Jernström, AVANTI & HP Borrningar AB

Chapter Website:
Mailing Address: Brinellvägen 23 (KTH-campus), 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46 ( 0 ) 771-28 26 84

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