IGSHPA Continuing Education Credit Form

Accreditation for IGSHPA accredited installer and accredited vertical loop installer is valid for three years. During those three years an installer must accumulate nine points to renew accreditation. The points can be accumulated in three ways – through employment, memberships in geothermal industry related organizations and/or education. Please complete sections as they apply to your accreditation renewal.


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    Session 1 : Employment

    The installer may accumulate up to 4 points by remaining continually employed for three years in the combined geothermal heat pump installation, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning field. For those with less than three years of employment, points are accumulated at the rate of 1.33 points per year

    Employer 2

    Total Number of points for Section 1 (4 points maximum)

    Section 2. Membership

    The installer may accumulate up to 4 points by continuous membership in geothermal industry-related organization(s). The points are accumulated 1 point per year of membership since the last accreditation renewal. Membership in more than one organization will apply toward accumulation of multiple points per year. Acceptable organizations include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: NGWA, GEO, ASHRAE and AEE.

    Total Number of points for Section 2 (4 points maximum)

    Section 3. Education

    The installer may accumulate points by attending training courses, workshops or conference technical seminars/sessions in the geothermal heat pump, drilling or HVAC fields. Points are accumulated at 0.1 points per contact hour, professional development hour or learning unit. Vocational school or college courses earn 2 points for each credit hour. There is no limit on point earnings through education.

    Training Courses, Workshops, Sessions or Seminars

    Seminar/session/workshop/course name 2

    Total Number of points for Section 3