2023 Conference Proceedings

The 2023 IGSHPA Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 5 to 7 was a great success!

The partnership with NGWA (National Ground Water Association) provided attendees with even more exhibits to visit and gave NGWA attendees the opportunity to attend IGSHPA workshops, as well as discuss geothermal opportunities with exhibitors in the IGSHPA pavilion. This was the 3rd annual conference of the new independent IGSHPA organization.

Below are links to the presentations from the conference.

Thermal Energy Networks Track

Building District-Style Heating and Cooling Utilities for New Developments (Jeffrey Penstone and Drew Baigrie, Subterra Renewables)

Changing the System: Scaling to meet this historic moment (Zeyneb Magavi, HEET)

GOING BIG: Using Networked Geothermal to Accelerate Building Decarbonization (John Ciovacco, Aztech Geothermal, LLC)

Gas Utilities and Geothermal: The Opportunity and the Challenges (Morgan Hood, Vermont Gas)

Teamwork Makes the “Therm” Work! Scaling District Geothermal Through Coalitions (Brightcore Energy: Cory Klausmann & Dave Hermantin; Eversource: Eric Bosworth; HEET: Audrey Schulman)

Technology Track

Groundwater Based Geothermal: New Approaches to Geothermal with Space Confinement (Robert Ed, Darcy Solutions)

WET (Wastewater Energy Transfer) & Geothermal – The Perfect Pairing (Michael Albertson, SHARC Energy)

CLAD – downhole heat exchanger: Using groundwater with closed loop (Roshan Revankar, Genesys NZE Inc.)

Sensitivity Analysis of Borehole Thermal Heat Exchanger (Piyush Kumar Kumawat, University of Utah)

Applications Track

Application of Advanced Variable Speed Water Source DOAS to Commercial Buildings (Tim Hammond, WaterFurnace)

Accurate energy system simulation on a large-scale, net-zero project (Brian Urlaub, Salas O’Brien)

Inside / Indoor Piping Materials for Geothermal Systems (Lance MacNevin, Plastics Pipe Institute)

Industry Updates

AHRI/ISO/ASHRAE/ANSI 13256-1 is being replaced! Overview of the New AHRI Standard 600 (Bob Brown, WaterFurnace)

NY-GEO: The Components of a Successful State Organization (Christine Hoffer/John Ciovacco, NY-GEO)

Building a Stronger Geo-Exchange Market in Canada (Martin Luymes, HRAI-Canada)

NGWA Joint Sessions

Safety & Compliance: Respirators and the Hazards of Silica (John Fowler, National Exploration Wells & Pumps)

The Institutional Market and the Value it presents to the Geothermal & Drilling Industry (Jack DiEnna, GEONII)

NGWA Building Geothermal Retrofit (speakers include the project design and installation teams)

Building Blocks of Training a New Driller (Brock Yordy, The Driller Magazine)

Dual Rotary Drilling in Water Wells and Geothermal Boreholes (Derek McGladdery, Derex Inc)

Safety & New Hires – Injuries that can impact a business legacy (Brock Yordy, The Driller Magazine)

Commercial Track

How to get a mechanical engineer excited about specifying geothermal (Aran Winn, Climate Control Group)

Business and Technical Solutions for High Density Urban Geothermal (Tim Weber, Diverso Energy)

The Importance of Having a Commissioning Provider for GSHP Projects (Daniel Booy, Altum Engineering Ltd.)

Model Specification for Piping Materials for Geothermal Systems (Lance MacNevin, PPI)

GSHP System Thermal and Electrical Energy Monitoring (Connor Dacquay, GEOptimize)

Residential Track

Making Geothermal more Affordable: Re-thinking our approach to residential design (Rob Derksen, Enertech Global)

Smooth First Time: A Developers Perspective on techniques for avoiding issues using geothermal for the first-time (Connor Wicklum, Mattamy Homes Canada)

The Importance of Fluid Quality in a Geothermal System (Eric Grant, Fernox)

Heat Pump Decarbonization: Most Do (Especially GSHPs); Some Don’t (Steve Kavanaugh, University of Alabama/Energy Information Service)

Variable pumps and Variable Hydronics (Justin Jobe, Enertech Global)

Water Source Residential VRF Applications (Scott Schmidt, Dandelion Energy)

GHEX Track

Is Thermally Enhanced Grout the most Cost-Effective way to Reduce Bore Resistance and Design Lengths (Tyler Harbeck, GeoPro)

Inclined vs. Vertical Bores Theory & Delivery Benchmarking (Dmitry Kuravaskiy, Celsius Energy & Dominic Montalbano, R.H. White)

How to buy drilling: What drillers will ask you to mitigate their risk (Kortney Lull, Midwest Geothermal)

Engineer-Driller collaboration for open loop project success (Brian Urlaub, Salas O’Brien and David Henrich, Bergerson-Caswell)

Sales & Marketing Track

How to grow your company and become more profitable with geothermal (Bill Buschur, Total Green Manufacturing)

How to Become a Geothermal Power House (Rob Derksen, Enertech)

Selling the C Suite (Zachary Fink, ZBF Geothermal Consulting, LLC)

Net Zero Track

GHPs in net Zero Energy/Carbon Applications (Robert Mancini, R. Mancini and Associates Ltd.)

Technologies Driving the Exponential Demand for Net Zero Energy Buildings (Al Wallace, Energy Environmental Corporation)

Industry & Business Track

The latest news on the Inflation Reduction Act (Jeremiah Strode, GeoExchange)

Geo Saves the World: The Decarbonization Case for Geothermal Exchange Systems (Victor Braciszewski, Stet Sanborn & Nancy Kohout of Smith Group)

Preview of the new IGSHPA Service Technician and Installation Technician modules (Greg Kurtz, IGSHPA)

Showcasing Geothermal Success Stories: Norton Commons project (Titian Burris, ClimateMaster)