IGSHPA is back and we’re headed to Music City!

Join us for the IGSHPA 2021 Conference & Expo in Nashville, December 14-16.

IGSHPA is back and we’re headed to Music City! Join us for the IGSHPA 2021 Conference & Expo in Nashville, Dec. 14-16.


For more than three decades, the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) has worked to advance ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology on local, state, national, and international levels.

Welcome to the new IGSHPA!

Your past support of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association has been central to the advancement of our industry. Thank you. Together, we are authoring a new chapter in the evolution of the organization and of the geothermal heat pump industry.

Last year OSU dissolved the IGSHPA Board and in June approved the transfer of IGSHPA, its intellectual property, and assets to the control of the Geothermal Exchange Organization. The new IGSHPA will be functionally and operationally independent, with GEO providing limited oversight of governance and financial solvency.

We have an inaugural Board of Directors who represent a diverse array of backgrounds and skillsets.

Goals of the Board include:

  • Drive the IGSHPA mission in a member-focused, consensus-based manner.
  • Establish working committees to update training, develop standards, engage membership, and address other objectives.
  • Encourage continued participation and support of members and professionals. For more information about ongoing membership for IGSHPA members and IGSHPA-accredited professionals, please visit the IGSHPA membership page.
  • Provide consistent and timely communication during the transition to set a new course for the continued growth and success of our industry. Contact us…

Read the full letter from Kortney Lull, Chairwoman, Board of Directors…


As an international organization, IGSHPA actively promotes the importance of geothermal’s benefits and its positive impact on the environment.


IGSHPA connects you with the industry’s leading experts and authorities. The goal – presents a unified, reputable organization to build geothermal awareness.


IGSHPA offers certified training programs for installers, contractors and designers to master the accepted standards and procedures to succeed in this industry.



IGSHPA has access to the most current advancements in the geothermal industry. This connection positions IGSHPA as the ideal conduit between the latest technology and the people who benefit from these developments.


Access to all
online courses


IGSHPA develops and shares valuable resources within the geothermal community. Relevant articles and publications keep people in the industry aware of timely information and important developments. IGSHPA also promotes accredited courses for its members and encourages participation in a range of events for GSHP professionals to connect and learn.


“The geo has the absolute best pay back in the industry for any of the alternatives.”

– Don Johnson
  Lipscomb Facilities Manager
  Lipscomb University,
  Nashville, TN

“I’m a happy camper knowing that I have a single entity that I am going to deal with over the next twenty years; an entity with a profit motivation for saving energy and maintenance dollars.”

– Jim Kelley
  Manager of Engineering and Planning
  Directorate of Public Works
  Fort Polk, LA

“…in the first 8 months we saw a 50% reduction in energy cost.”

– Carl Hall
  Property Manager
  Park Chase Apartments
  Tulsa, OK